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Copper mineral and history


Copper has historically been associated as the body metal, and is considered a grounding metal for the human body and spirit.

(Silver is the metal of the spirit, and gold is the metal of the mind.)


Spiritually, copper is also considered a metal capable of storing healing properties holistically, as well as having protective properties.

This is why it was used in ancient times for totems and talismans.

All Chakras, specially Root and Heart

Native copper is an element and a mineral.

It is found in the oxidized zones of copper deposits; in hydrothermal veins; in the cavities of basalt that have been in contact with hydrothermal solutions; and as pore fillings and replacements in conglomerates that have been in contact with hydrothermal solutions.

It is rarely found in large quantities, thus it is seldom the primary target of a mining operation.

Cooper information

Most copper produced is extracted from sulfide deposits.

Copper is known as the lucky metal, as well as the healing metal. It is the conductor of the spiritualist’s belief system.

Copper conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world.

It is linked with the Divine and attributes to the Queen of Heaven.

Any stone with Copper, in or around it, is said to have enhanced properties.

Minerals and crystals: Cooper

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