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Orgone pendant

orgone pendant

I personally feel that owning an Orgone pendant is one of the best investments you can make. When I was originally asked to create Orgone Pendants, I was a bit hesitant as I assumed that something so small really wouldn’t do anything.

Orgone pendant

But as it turned out they were incredibly powerful.  People told me about how they felt energized, more focused, slept better, and how negative people didn’t come near them anymore. I’ve had many friends tell me how they felt energetic blocks being removed by these pendants and that they wear them 24/7 and only take it off to shower or bathe.

What they seem to do is create a field of high frequency energy, which interacts with your energy field, raising and strengthening it. Now personally I’m not sure about wearing one all the time, as maybe our energy bodies need a chance to stretch and expand on their own. But I do realize we are constantly being bombarded by low frequencies, wifiemf, cell phone signals, negative emotional states etc, so wearing an orgone device like this is almost a necessity these days.

And they make an awesome and truly practical gift as well. I’ve added a testimonial section at the end of this page to share with you my customers experiences.

To choose the right one simply ask “which one is the right one for me” and then follow your Heart’s guidance. If your energetically sensitive just tune in to the pendants and you should be able to feel their energy.

For energy healing practitioners, you can use the pendants energy to power yourself up before a session, as well as to protect you from and clear lower frequencies from your aura. Just follow your intuition on how to use the pendant.

The pendants come mainly in the circular shape, but I also make them in jewellery style shapes as well.

The crystals I use are: clear quartz, rutilated quartz, rose quartz, blue kyanite, black kyanitesodalite, black tourmaline, bornite, pyrite, red jasper, serpentine and hematite. I’ve also begun adding Shungite to all the pendants as this mineral is considered very effective for emf and radiation.

They come in the following colors: blue, green, violet, red, pink, yellow and clear.

There are 7 string colors to choose from: Blue, Green, Turquoise, Pink, Purple, Black and Yellow.

I’ve made the pendant strings with two slipknots so you can adjust the pendant anywhere from your throat to heart chakra.

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