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Orgonite Pyramid Atlantis, Arborea

Orgonite Pyramid Atlantis, Arborea


Handmade reiki infused orgonite pyramid

  • Description

    Product Description

    Orgonite pyramid

    This product is handmade & Reiki infused

    I made this orgonite pyramid to assist meditation.
    it balance the chakras.

    This orgone is ideal to put in our bedroom to assist in our dreams.

    I put an amethyst crystal on the top, a stone of protection.
    Connects to your Higher Self, Spirit-Guides and the Angelic Realms.
    Open the gateway to our intuition and psychic abilities.
    Produces psychic, mental, and physical alignment.
    It assists in meditation.
    A bed of 22kt Gold and Copper with quartz balances all the chakras
    Amplifies energy.
    The final layer contains Bronze that Aligns and corrects imbalances.
    Finally I charge the pyramid and crystals with Reiki


    Base size: 10cmX10cm, or 4″in square Height: 9cm or 3.75″in
    Finish: Polished

    -Metals: 22kt Gold, Bronze & Copper.
    -Minerals & Gemstones: Amethyst, Quartz.

    My name Is David,
    I am the Arborea artisan, self-taught leweler and reiki master.
    This Arborea creation is handmade and polished to a jewel finish.
    This Healing Art Form results from combine my two favorites occupations.
    jewelry and reiki

    I add different minerals and crystals.
    Improving its qualities to alchemize bad energies.
    I charged with reiki, the crystals and the finished Orgonite
    before shipping through meditation.

    For Arborea designs visit: www.arboreacrystals.com

    Orgone is also known as prana, life force, ki, mana.

    Orgonite pyramids are energy devices, and energy cleaners.
    With the reiki wisdom i can give a purpouse to the orgone energy.
    I order the orgon with healing intentions.
    But I could order with any good intention.

    For this creation my inspiration comes after a meditation sesion.
    Hope you like it.

    All rights reserved.
    Arborea Crystals orgone pyramids
    By David.

    let the energy changes the world
    to the world we would like to see
    Thank you to all
    all my best wishes.

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