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Chakra Obelisk, Arborea Crystals. Reiki Infused

Chakra Obelisk, Arborea Crystals. Reiki Infused


This Obelisk is a very powerful instrument Chakra Obelisk

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    Product Description

    This product is handmade & Reiki infused

    An orgone Obelisk to Heal, open and align all the Chakras. Clean Emf pollution from your area, Use in meditation to align the energy centers of the body. Keep in areas of the home to balance the environment and allow for a clean field to experience inner and outer growth.

    This Obelisk is a very powerful instrument Chakra Obelisk

    At the top of the Obelisk I put bronze balls, for the 7ºchakra layer there is an amethyst crystal surrounded with six moonstones, floating over a 925 silver sea, next layer 6 chakra contains quartz, just down a layer of chalcanthite with bronze. For the heart chakra a layer with Turquoise and Chrysocolla with 22Kt Gold flakes. For the 3º chakra a layer of yellow calcite with more 22Kt gold flakes, floating over a copper balls bed, finally for the lower chakras a layer of Quartz with copper flakes and Fire agate.



    Height: 21cm or 8.5″in
    Base size: 5cmx5cm, or 2.25″
    -Metals: 22Kt Gold, 925 Silver, Bronze and Copper
    -Minerals & Gemstones: Moonstone, Amethyst, Chalcanthite, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Yellow Calcite, Quartz and Fire Agate.

    My name Is David, I am the Arborea art-isan, self-taught Jeweler and reiki master. this Arborea creation are handmade and polished to a jewel finish. This Healing Art Form is the result of combine my two favorites occupations, jewelry and reiki

    I add different minerals and crystals to the orgonite basic recipe, improving it´s qualities to alchemize imbalanced energies resulting from environmental and emotional pollutants, also I charged with reiki, the crystals and the finished Orgonite before shipping through meditation.

    For more arboreacrystals designs visit: www.arboreacrystals.com

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