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Moon, Orgone pyramid, relax.

Moon, Orgone pyramid, relax.


I made this big powerful orgone pyramid to heal and relax

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    Product Description

    I made this big powerful orgone pyramid to heal and relax

    This product is handmade & Reiki infused

    I put Quartz at the top to heal and balance all the chakras, surrounded with 925 silver and obsidian pieces, to protect and clean the energy then a layer of iron attract vitality channeling the orgone energy, finally a bed of 925 Silver transmits the moon energy to the other minerals calming and relaxing Finally I charge the pyramid and crystals with Reiki



    Base size: 10cmx10cm, or 4″in square  Height: 9cm or 3.5″in
    Finish: Polished

    -Metals: 925 Silver, Iron.
    -Minerals & Gemstones: Quartz, Blue Quartz, Obsidian

    My name Is David, I am the Arborea art-isan, self-taught Jeweler and reiki master. This Arborea creation is handmade and polished to a jewel finish. This Healing Art Form is the result of combine my two favorites occupations, jewelry and reiki

    I add different minerals and crystals to the orgonite basic recipe, improving its qualities to alchemize imbalanced energies resulting from environmental and emotional pollutants, also I charged with reiki, the crystals and the finished Orgonite before shipping through meditation.

    For more Arborea designs visit: www.arboreacrystals.com

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